2022 Bowman Baseball 1st Edition Box

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Product Overview

2022 Bowman Baseball 1st Edition Box

Product Summary:

- 2022 Bowman 1st Edition offers a first look at another strong checklist of Bowman Prospects including some of the first ever Bowman cards for some of the top new prospects coming through the pipeline!

Inside The Box:

- Look for a variety of foil parallels and rare Chrome autos falling randomly in packs

Product Configuration:

- 10 cards per box

- 24 packs per box

Product Details:

Bowman 1st Edition Base Set Parallels

- Sky Blue Foil: 1:2 packs

- Blue Foil: #’d to 150

- Yellow Foil: #’d to 75

- Gold Foil: #’d to 50

- Orange Foil: #’d to 25

- Black Foil: #’d to 10

- Red Foil: #’d to 5

- Rainbow Foil #’d 1 of 1

Bowman 1st Edition Prospector’s Special - #’d to 49

Chrome Prospect Autograph 1st Edition Stamped - varied numbering