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2021/22 Upper Deck Credentials Hockey Hobby 20 Box Case

  • Delivers 150 card base set
  • Find parallels numbered to 25 or less
  • Chase one-of-one Black “Debut Ticket Access Autographs”

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What's In The Box

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Number of average autographs per box provided by manufacturer.



This product is a factory-sealed case.

Cards per Pack

Cards per Pack

Each pack contains a set number of cards.

Packs per Box

Packs per Box

This product includes a number of factory-sealed packs of cards.

Boxes per Case

Boxes per Case

This product includes a number of factory-sealed boxes per case.

Rookie Cards

Rookie Cards

Product includes first-year player cards.

Serial Numbered Cards

Serial Numbered Cards

Product Includes limited print, serial numbers cards.

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Product Information

2021/22 Upper Deck Credentials Hockey features 50 veterans and 100 Debut Ticket Access rookie cards. Hockey fans can find a slew of inserts, autograph cards, as well as coveted one-of-one Black parallels in this product.

2021/22 Upper Deck Credentials Hockey Hobby 20 Box Case 

Product Summary:

- Build the 150-card base set which includes a 100-card, serially-#’d Debut Ticket Access rookie subset broken down into four tiers of rarity.

- Collect 12 parallels of the veteran portion of the base set and nine parallels of the rookie portion. All of the parallels - highlighted by the shared (vets & rookies) Green (#’d to 25), Purple (#’d to 10 and Hobby Exclusive), Gold (#’d to 5) and Black (#’d 1-of-1) parallels - are serially-#’d.

- Also collect the complete 100-card, serially-#’d 2020-21 Debut Ticket Access set and the same nine serially-#’d parallels, including the Hobby Exclusive Purple parallel #’d to 10!

Inside The Box:

- 1 Autograph card

- 2 Tech Insert cards

- 5 Serially #'d cards

- 8 1st, 2nd and 3rd Star of the Night (Vets & Rookies) and/or Rookie Arrivals Cards

Product Configuration:

- 6 cards per pack

- 8 packs per box

- 20 boxes per case

Product Details:

- HARD-SIGNED AUTOGRAPHS! The latest edition of Credentials is loaded with autograph sets, the vast majority of which are hard-signed and serially-#’d. Here is a rundown of the hard-signed sets:

- Debut Ticket Access Autographs: Collect both the 2020-21 and 2021-22 Debut Ticket Access Autographs sets featuring the top rookies from both seasons. There are seven parallels of each set, and aside from the Tier 1 portion of the 2021-22 Yellow parallel, all are #’d to 75 or less!

- Ticket Access Autographs: This is the star veteran counterpart of the Debut Ticket Access Autographs set. Collect up to seven parallels, all of which are #’d to 25 or less!

- Retro Ticket Access Autographs: This limited-subject set sports a retro ticket design. Collect up to seven parallels, all #’d to 15 or less!

- Acetate Ticket Access Autographs, 2020-21 & 2021-22 Acetate Debut Ticket Access Autographs: These stunning, low-#’d veteran and rookie sets, built on the always-popular acetate stock, will be valuable additions to any collection.
Collect one autograph or non-auto acetate card per box

- NEW INSERTS! 2021-22 Credentials sports a number of incredible insert sets, including four brand new sets:

- Main Stage Signatures: A rare autograph set with a two-tiered Gold parallel (the Tier 2 cards are serially-#’d) and a 1-of-1 Black parallel.

- Rookie Arrivals: This set celebrates the newest generation of the NHL talent. Keep an eye out for autograph parallels.

- Speed of the Game: A stunning Light FX insert showcasing some of the fastest players (veterans and rookies) in the league today. Collect one rookie version per box, on average.

- View from the Glass: This rare set, featuring veterans and rookies, simulates the view from seats on the glass. Collect both the regular set and the Gold Spectrum parallel set #’d to just 25.

- The popular 1st, 2nd and 3rd Star of the Night cards - with veteran and rookie versions - are back! Keep an eye out for low-#d (all #’d to 99 or less) autograph parallels.

Release Date: 8/2/2023
Product Sku: 21UDHCRE(C)
UPC: 053334978170